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For this 2021, the cost of the American visa for tourists has not had any increase. The amount you must pay is 160 dollars (3 thousand 27 pesos, approximately). If you want to know, step by step, how to obtain it, keep reading.

The process that we will explain below helps you to obtain a visa (even for the first time) for the United States for business or tourism (called B1 / B2, respectively). Be careful when saying "business", the Embassy means that your intention is to make a short and necessary trip for your current job in the country you are in; for example, attending a convention, taking a course, renegotiating a contract, or meeting with a client. If you want to look for work in the United States, you need another type of visa.

1. Application:

The first visa requirement that you must meet is to fill out the DS-160 application, which is available on the Embassy's website.

To fill out the application you need to support yourself in several documents, such as your valid passport and a proof of address (to put your exact address).

In your application they ask you general information (such as date of birth and place of residence), employment, the reasons for your trip (they ask you for the address of the hotel or house where you will stay) and criminal records.

Filling out the application carefully, verifying all your data, takes an hour or an hour and a half. If you don't have that much time or are in a hurry, you can download the document, fill it out at another time and then upload it to the web platform.

When launching a DS-160 application, a folio is automatically generated. It is important to keep it to track an application, in case you need a copy or verify something.

* Social networks. Remember that, since last year, providing your social media for review is a requirement. The application includes spaces for your email, phone and network accounts that you have had in the last 5 years; takes into account the most important platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram.

2. It creates an account 

The Applicant Service Center is the place where your fingerprints and photograph are taken. In addition, here you deliver the documents required for your United States visa, passport, DS-160 application and proof of payment.

You must create an account on the website of the Official Visa Information and Appointment System to generate your appointment. Right there, your application process is automatically monitored, so that you are aware of the steps and requirements that you are missing.

Before you can schedule an appointment, you must make your payment.

3. Visa payment

As we indicated several lines above, the cost of the American visa is 160 dollars. Those under 15 pay only $16. 

Payment must be made in cash. You have to bring a pay stub that is downloaded from the same website where you created an account in the previous step.

4. Schedule your appointment

Now yes, as soon as your payment is registered (it can take a day) the website allows you to schedule your appointment at the CAS.

To generate your appointment you must provide the folio of your application DS-160 (the one you saved when you started the application). You must also choose the DHL office closest to you to receive your documents, if your visa is approved. 

5. Go to your appointment

As we have indicated, at the CAS they take your fingerprints, photograph you and receive your documents. You must arrive on time (if possible, 15 minutes before). The process is very fast, usually it does not take you even half an hour inside. It is forbidden to pass with the cell phone on, or any other electronic device.

6. Schedule your interview

On the same website where you have done most of the paperwork, you can schedule your interview with the consul at the Embassy. At this appointment it is decided whether your visa is approved or not. 

You can bring other documents that serve as proof of travel to show the consul, such as your flight and hotel reservations, account statements, professional identity card or proof of employment. They are not required, but they can be helpful.

7. Wait for your visa

If approved, your visa will be delivered in a few weeks to the DHL office you previously selected. You can check the status of your application on the same page where you generated your DS-160 form. Notifications also come to you by email.

The entire process, from when you fill out your form until you receive the United States visa, can take 3 to 4 weeks in total.

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