Ludy Yorlett Moreno   2021-05-06

Globalization, with all the technological innovations in recent years and the internet, has meant that commercial connections grow around the world, achieving sustained progress in the area of ​​foreign trade in almost every existing nation. Every day the international transport networks achieve more successful results, thus promoting the internationalization of the products, goods and services that each region can offer.

The main international businesses normally have to do with import and export and the commercial development of these activities, import refers to any product, good or service that is transported from one country to another in order to be distributed for consumption or use within this. Export on the other hand focuses on products, goods or services that are shipped outside of a territory. To sum it up, we import into the country what they produce in other places to be able to consume it and we export what we produce so that others can consume it in other places.

But to do so, you have to follow rules, comply with laws and pay tax fees, in addition to considering all the possibilities to achieve the planning of a successful business in relation to foreign trade. In Colombia, the laws are also focused on enforcing the parameters that the authorities have to prevent criminal or illegal actions that are harmful to the nation.

When considering an international business it is always advisable to have a specialist lawyer who can interpret the rules and seek the best result to achieve the proposed goals in a legal and successful commercial exchange.

At Belhouse International Services we have a team that focuses on the proposed objectives until they become reality, if you need a lawyer, do not hesitate to contact us Whatsapp +1 954 448 4879, Colombia +57 317 427 8450


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